Shakib Khan New Movies

The busiest actor in Bangla movies is Shakib Khan. Die hard fans of Shakib always waits for new movies. And due to his great popularity most of his movies get great success. Well, not super duper hit but they do well in the box office. I can't remember when was the last time a Bangla movie was labeled super duper hit.

Fans of Shakib Khan are really lucky because most movies released now have Shakib playing the lead role. I wonder if there will be a revolution and a new hero will come out. Well, some TV serial guys are trying, yet to make their mark.

Now, to the point, below is the list of some new Shakib Khan movies in 2011 and more,

  • Moner jala (Most Wanted), also starring Apu Biswas
  • Ontore Acho Tumi, Again heroine is Apu Biswas
  • Matir Thikana, Also starring Purnima. Wow, she is back!
  • Devdas with Purnima and Mousumi. Hmm, hopefully it will be different than regular Bangla film.
  • Eito Prem
  • King Khan
  • Koti Takar Prem
  • Beche Asi Tor Jonne
June 2011, the movie that is showing in most cinema halls is "Koti takar Prem"

July 2011 comes with a surprise, Bald Shakib Khan (Nara Shakib) in the movie, "Beche Asi Tor Jonne"

  • Mon Jekhane Hridoy Shekhane

Ok, that's the list. I will update as new movies are announced. Don't forget to keep an eye on this blog.