Friday, June 3, 2011

Shakib Khan, The king Khan of Bangla Movies

Shakib Khan is the most popular movie actor (Hero) in Bangladesh today. He is the number one choice for directors to play the Hero role in Bangla movies. So is his popularity that producers are making movie titles with his name. You must have heard of the movie, "Number 1 Shakib Khan". He has won many Prothom-Alo star awards and with virtually no competitors, surely will win many more.

The Beginning of Shakib Khan

Shakib started his career with the film "Annonto Bhalobasha" (courtesy Wikipedia). Although I am not so sure about this information but maybe he got the chance due to the death of Salman Shah, a famous Bangla movie actor who died in 1996. After his death there were many unfinished movies that Salman shah acted that needed a new look-alike actor to complete. And there was Shakib Khan to enter into the spot light.

How He Got the Number 1 Spot

At that time directors tried many other actors to fill the gap, and they found four actors Manna, Riaz, Ferdous and Shakib Khan. At that time Shakib was the third choice and especially for romantic movies was the second choice after Riaz. But after Manna's death and decrease in popularity of Riaz plus Ferdous becoming too busy in Calcutta films, Shakib quickly grab the chance and was successful in many films. Now approximately for every four movies, you will find him in three. Today Bangla movie mostly depends on Shakib Khan.


Shakib Khan is a nice guy. Never got in any scandals and respected widely in the media. Never been accused of acting in C grade movies that include a lot of cut pieces. At least he was never seen in those dirty songs. With the poor condition of Bangladeshi movies, you can say he is the one that is making a great contribution to keep the movie industry alive.

Shakib Khan Movies

In most movies Shakib Khan plays the role of a good guy, always rescues the heroine from bad guys that are trying to flirt with her, apparently too much. That is how the romance starts, I wonder how many young boys in Bangladesh gets the same experience. Most of the time he is the poor guy and the father of the Heroine is the bad guy. To sum it up, Poor good guy always wins against the rich bad guys and gets the rich girl (heroine). I guess that is the dream of many that watch the movie and that is why the same old same old story is rehashed in almost every movie. And this theory stands for all Bangladeshi movies not just for Shakib Khan Movies.

You can't blame Shakib for the poor story line. That blame has to go to the directors and producers. I guess.

A lot of his movies have had great success in the box office. Although there is no information available about just how much those movies earned. A top Shakib Khan Movie list will have,

  • Amar Sopno Tumi
  • Chachchu 
  • Koti Takar kabin
  • Ak takar Bou
  • Amar Praner Priya
  • Number One Shakib Khan
  • Alrite that is the list, there are many more, will update as soon as I get more information.
Shakib Khan & Apu Biswas

One common recipe of Bangla movie is to use the same set of hero and heroine that get success in a couple of films. It is like people want to see them together so every producer want to cast them in their movies. It is like a key to success. Shakib Khan has made a highly successful couple with Apu Biswas. As a result, most movies that Shakib played the hero role, you will find Apu Biswas as the heroine. There was a conflict between those two some time ago but as far as I have read in the news that conflict has been resolved and they are now working together again.


Shakib is not that popular with the young generation living in the cities. Especially those who study in reputed universities and colleges. I guess like me they never go to watch Bangla movies in the cinema halls. Watching too many English and Hindi movies also contributes to this. I mean, come on, you can't take those BS stories after watching some good English and Hindi movies. One scene that was highly popular among many that don't watch Bangla movies was one where he played the role of a Buet student who way so poor (a 'Ferrywalla') that he studied under the lamp post light and also taught poor kids at his leisure for free. It was probably a bit high. Too much, definitely too much! But then again, which Bangla movie is not!!!

You can see the movies scene in Youtube, here is the link,

In this blog you will find a complete list of Shakib Khan Movies and news about his upcoming movies and also facts about him as soon as I find more.