Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shakib Hot Chicken, New Restaurant started by none other than Shakib Khan

Just want to be clear here. Shakib Khan is not the hot chicken here. Well, in his movies, he may be but that's a lot of other stories. This post is about his restaurant in Dhaka.

No, Shakib is not the chef. Well then, may be he is the waiter. Hell, no! He is the owner and other than that he has nothing to do with it.

Scratch that. He has a lot to do with it. A lot of celebrities have their own restaurants, even Shachin Tendulkar has his own, (did you know that? you know now from here - don't you ever forget that). Shakib being a good kid, has followed the family tradition, I mean the celebrity tradition.

According to king khan of Bangladesh, everything will be foreign in his restaurant. Chef is from Malaysia, all the raw material is from Thailand. Yes, that's your chance, maybe you will get the chance to feast on Thai chicken in his restaurant.

May be those chickens will be tendered by Shakib's extra-ordinary fighting skills. So, all you Shakib fans, go grab his leg, I ,mean his chicken leg, I mean, oh what the hell, go get it!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The End of Shakib Khan?

Everything that has a beginning has an end in this world. Every one faces ups and downs in their life and career.

Is it the year which will be remembered as the beginning of the falling of Shakib Khan?

His movies aren't getting hit as they used to be. At one time, movie with Shakib in it meant a hit movie for producers. They even named movies after his name. But not anymore. Shakib doesn't guarantee success anymore. A lot of his movies have failed to live up to the expectation. Some of the producers have already began to experiment with new faces.

Shakib getting old?

well, we often have seen Shakib Khan helping the damsel in distress. Seems the story has reversed and a damsel is now going to save Shakib from distress. Yes, that is correct. Joya Ahsan, luscious, elegant and lead actress in many tele-movies have signed a contract to act with Shakib in a new movie. Who knows, a refreshing break from Apu Bishwas may prove to be the resurrecting of Shakib's career.
King Shakib

A fresh air, A new hope?

Well, observing the acting career of Joya one would say, she won't act in many commercial movies, the first one could be the last one. If that happens, will Shakib be safe? If the movie flops, what options he be left with?

One thing is certain, there are many questions being asked about Shakib's career these days. And more and more will be asked. What will happen, only time will tell. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shakib Khan with Special Effects (As seen on the new movie King Khan))

Well, we are improving. New technologies are finally kicking on Bangladeshi movies. Long gone are the days of dram beats when the Hero beats villains. Now, we are seeing some special effects on Bangla movies. The latest release of Shakib Khan, "King Khan" has it all. Videos say a lot better than words and check out the trailer with all the special effects.

Although it's not impressive, but considering the cinema hall audience, that is going to rock. May be a little careless use of the effects. Too much show off, but that is what Bangladeshi movie is. I don't know, may be this time the effects will be the hit rather than Shakib Khan, then everybody will start to use them in the forthcoming movies.

News is, Indian Bangla films are going to be released in our cinema halls soon. Just another gift from our good neighbor, full of grace. Media people are reacting badly to it, they have already declared continuous strike if those films do get released. I don't know, may be it will destroy our film industry, may be it will bring in a revolution in Bangladeshi cinema industry and make some good changes. Remember, bad things sometimes do bring good results. Maybe they destroy it all and something good has to come out of it and there will be a lot of collateral damage.... I am getting too philosophical. Let's end this post, good luck Shakib Khan with your movie "King Khan".

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Shakib Khan Images

Shakib in a annoyed mood
To all the fans of Shakib Khan, here are some images of your great hero, enjoy

Evergreen Shakib Khan
 Here, you will find a lot of images of Shakib Khan taken from different movies and some are taken from photo shoots and other media.
Look who it is??

Shakib Khan and a few of the most beautiful women  in our film industry although the last one is a bit down, me thinks
 He has already proven his abilities as a superstar as a hero. He is doing a lot of charity work, what more could you possible ask from Shakib.
 King khan of  Bollywood and King Khan of Dhallywood.

Shakib, Apu Biswas and Ferdous

Shakib's faminine charm!

How much he Shakib won from that show?
Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas in Ke Hote Chan Kotipoti

No comments!!!

Apu Biswas and Shakib Khan in a romantic mood
 Shakib Khan & Apu Biswas, the couple of the decade
Shakib and Apu in the movie Akbar bolo valobashi tomay

Gangstar Shakib with his bitches

There's a happy family of director, hero and heroine

Shakib, jahid Hasan and Mousumi

Shakib and Apu performing in a song

Shakib Khan with Purnima

TO become a hero, you must do a lot of exercise, but what's the girl doing. is she Shakib's fitness instructor?

Come on Shakib, Kiss her

Sakib Al Hasan & Shakib Khan

Devdas Shakib

Shakib Khan had some success with Purnima too, looking at the image it seems they had a good chemistry going on too.
Shakib & Purnima Hot scene, I suppose, what's that hanging from her ear? She must have strong ears.

Sahara, I think with Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan New Movies Released in Eid ul Azha

Shakib Khan Smiling

It has been a while since I wrote about Shakib Khan, the King Khan of Bangladesh. Well, I am sorry to all the fans of Shakib Khan, I really am but here is the good news. He is going well and 4 new movies have been released for Eid-ul-Azha. Among those are, “Priya Amar Jaan”, “King Khan”, “Adorer Jamai” and “Boss Number One”.
Romantic Shakib Khan

I haven’t been writing about Shakib for a while but I can tell you things haven’t changed a bit for Shakib or his enormous popularity. He is still the King Khan and to tell it dramatically, allow me to shout a bit,
Here it goes (suppose Shakib is saying this and it is true),

“I am Shakib Khan, I am the Industry”
Shakib has spent the EId in Qatar, so the fans there must have been really pleased. This is something you can expect from a great hero, sacrificing himself, his normal way of life to spend more time with the fans, people that love him. Isn’t it noble, although some will say it is about money but that is just negative thinking that’s all.
In an interview given to Prothom-alo he talked about many a things, how he wants to go to ‘Gorur haat’ and how he determines what movie is the best one. According to him, the movie liked by the audience most is the movie he likes the most. 
Too busy, Shakib Khan is! A lot to give to his fans, he still needs!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Hit Movie of Shakib Khan "Matir Manush" with Mila, James and Salma

Another movie of Shakib is running successfully in cinema halls now. It is called "Matir Manush", a family drama as always with usual action, romance and twists.

Shakib Khan showing his style
James, Mila and Salma had a short appearance in the movie in a song. But, the way Mila, James and Salma are shown in the poster of the movie, people might think they are playing big roles in it. However, that is not the case and Mila has already complained that people are teasing him that she has played the heroine role with Shakib Khan in the movie.

Shakib is constantly providing hit and successful movies to the producers and the way other actors are failing, every producer now wants to cast Shakib Khan in their movie. And also Apu Biswash to play the lead actress. This trend has gone to maximum as all the cinema halls now show only Shakib Khan movies. It is not likely to change soon. So, more and more of Shakib Khan movies are going to come soon. The fans should be really happy as they are getting lots of opportunities to watch their favorite hero in different movies in different roles.

Fans of Shakib outside need not worry as soon the movie will be available in CDs and DVDs and hopefully a few clips will be available in

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bald Shakib Khan (Nara) in the New Movie, "Beche Asi Tor Jonne"

Yes, the rumor is true. This time you can see a bald Shakib Khan in his new movie, "Beche Asi Tor Jonne". So many Shakib Khan films, they had to try something different, but this!!! well, it is a bit of surprise, I am sure the new bald Shakib will get some popularity, the movie will be a success, at least people will go to the cinema hall just to see how bald Shakib looks like.

Enjoy all fans all over the world, the new look and perhaps the same old same old dialog and style. Whatever, fans are fans, they will eat anything as long as it is their King Khan.


Ok, I was walking pass a Cinema Hall today which is going to show the movie "Beche Asi Tor Jonne" from 8 July, 2011. Checking the poster, I assumed the movie is a rehashed version of the super-hit Salman Khan movie "Tere Nam". So, those of you wanted to see Shakib Khan in that role, here is your chance. Don't miss it!

More news and photos will be posted as soon as I get hold of that.